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Redesign Your Existing Jewelry

Where does jewelry look the best?

A. In the vault?

B. On you or a loved one?

C. In your jewelry box?


The answer is easy.  It's "B"

Why do so many of us delay enjoying that old brooch, bracelet, necklace, or earrings?  What we continuously hear is, "I just don't know what to do with it!"

We understand often a special item has been passed down to you from a favorite family member. Though you know you won't wear it, it has strong sentimental value.  What to do?


At last now you have the best solution...



Lublu's expert craftsmen can take that old jewelry and transform it into a new chic contemporary design. Even combining gemstones from multiple pieces to create an innovative concept. 

After years of experience, we are highly skilled at finding creative ways to divide estate jewelry collections equitably between family members. Re-designing your heirloom allows each person to create new items that reflect their individual style.

If one of the old items is broken, or if a gemstone is chipped or scratched, don’t fear – our team of craftsmen and gem cutters are capable of bringing these back to life.


How It Works


The process begins with a discussion about your desires and personal taste.
Materials and gems are then selected from your jewelry, and we will supply additional materials to match and complement as needed.
This is followed by the creation of a detailed CAD rendering showing you exactly what your finished item will look like. 

You then approve or make changes, and our professional team of craftsmen meticulously create your new exciting jewelry. 
All this can be done on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or PC from anywhere in the world.

We Make it Easy for You.
Call  212-206-6208 today to set up a no obligation consultation.

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